Wado-Ryu Karate Club

Karate belt upgrades:

In our Karate club usually twice a year by licensed auditors of the German Karate Federation (DKV) decreased belt tests.

Qualifications for testing are:

  • Regular participation in exercises
  • Control the test program
  • DKV Karate passport and the full year stamp of the DKV

DKV annual stamps and Karate pass:

The Karate Department of DTV is a member of the German Karate Federation, and the trainer is responsible for belt tests. At the beginning of each year by the Department direction, the so-called DKV annual stamps ordered. That stamp and the associated Karate Pass (buyd once) is a prerequisite for participation in belt examinations, competitions and courses, while insurance coverage on events outside the actual karate club training sessions.

  • € 10 one-time pass for the DKV Karate
  • € 18 per year for children and young people up to 14 years
  • € 23 per year for those aged 15 years and adults
  • € 12 per belt test, annual DKV stamp

(Listed prices are without obligation, please contact DTV for details)

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