Wado-Ryu KarateWadoryu Karateverein Düsseldorfverein

Sensei Shuzo Imai has achieved the 8th dan of Wado Ryu in Germany and has more than 50 years karate experience

  • 1945: Born in Aomori/Japan
  • 1953: Judo
  • 1961: Kyudo
  • 1964: Karate
  • 1977: Aikido

Shuzo Imai Sensei was a student and co-trainer on the great courses of Teruo Kono. Shuzo Imai is a official instructor of Wado-Kai in Japan JKF (Japan Karate Federation), a State-A judge of the DKV (German Karate Federation) and of the regional karate association in NRW.

In Wado-Ryu Karate Club Dusseldorf we are lucky with Sensei Shuzo Imai, one of the best and highest graded karate teacher and the students of Germany Teruo Kono, as a coach to have.